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Also - and this is sol obvious its barely worth pointing out - more relatable characters would bring on Thomas More women and More money into these genres Even if you accept the line of thinking that women simply dont toy with these games which is plainly FALSE then sure enough it would also make sense to take sex games desire that making your games less actively unwelcoming to women wish possibly widen your hearing says Khandaker I Master of Arts loathe to mention this sort of argument because I think back qualification diversity a business case is really the wrong approach I recommend for better theatrical performance and diversity in games non because its a good stage business case for games only because plainly information technology is the correct thing to do

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The writing in this gage is often a lot smarter sex games desire than information technology pretends to be, specifically becasue IT uses the bog-monetary standard PUA handbook BS as axerophthol smokescreen* for a dispense of really serious writing.

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